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GOSH, I didn't realize how much of a community this really is! That's quite a nice feeling, thank you! For everyone's information, we do use condoms, except twice (obviously stupid). I don't know how often we do, but I'm 21 and she is 27. So, there's really an unknown factor of whether it is true or not.

LOL, I loved the web of lies comment, that made me laugh considerably! - This is quite a strange relationship honestly. I've dated people for multiple years in the past but was never this attracted. OH - and we've only been dating a week, before that we had spoken on the phone daily for about 6 weeks. There's a whole story about this which I'll most likely throw in here for anyone interested - but that's a quick tidbit. For serious, to me it's an interesting story so I plan to begin writing it either later today or tomorrow (really why I started this blog). Hopefully it is of interest! Thx again everyone!
Up To Now 01-09-07 13:37
Dear Anon:

Today I realized my G/F may be pregnant. This is a consequence of our actions, and is not entirely a bad thing. In one respect is is awesome and something which is quite exciting to look forward too. In another, I am still in college, albeit nearing the end. This means I don't have the finances to support such a venture. Also two of my older siblings are having children as well. Kind of crazy! Well this has been on my mind so much recently it's bogged me down, so what better to do than blog it, you know? Well - so here we are, on elowel one of my fav. blog sites, blogging about my thoughts which I won't even share with my closest of friends.

It's both very scary to think about, yet strangely exciting. I want the 24th to come to know for sure. A) I'm hoping it's negative only because it's too soon or B) if it's positive, I'll take it as a sign that it was supposed to happen right now and everything will be fine. Oh did I mention we've been dating for a little over a week? - More on that later.

Not to sound like a complete asshole/idiot/etc - I have a theory about all of this... argh... The whole thing is frustrating, I hate NOT knowing more than worrying about positive or negative things. Pregnancy is a nasty thing. When you don't want it, it happens out of the blue, when you do want it, it takes months if not years to pop up. ehhhhh.

Hello, 01-09-07 13:31
Hello my name is DXA. I'm New to elowel.